A memorial gift or gifts in honor are thoughtful ways to remember and pay tribute to someone. Gifts can be made to recognize treatment milestones, express your connection with the Guest House and for the loss of a loved one. Your donation will help those affected by a serious medical crisis, by providing a comforting and caring environment during a difficult time.

Memorial and tribute donations to IMD Guest House are fully tax-deductible as provided by law. If you have any questions about IMD Guest House development programs, please contact the IMD Guest House Development Department at 312.996.1167.

After you have made your contribution in memory or in honor, an acknowledgement letter or email will be sent to the person(s) you designate and a tax receipt will be sent to you. We do not specify the amount of the donation unless you request it, and you may customize your message to the recipient. All memorials are published in our newsletter and annual report unless otherwise requested.


You can request donation gift envelopes by calling 312-996-1167 or by email at info@imdguesthouse.org.  Donation envelopes are designed for those wishing to make a contribution.