Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Stay at IMD Guest House

Through our major sponsors, IMD Guest House provides temporary lodging to patients of all ages from our hospital partners, organ transplant patients from any Chicago area hospital, and veterans receiving treatment for PTSD in a specialized program. Families are never turned away for financial hardship when seeking lodging at IMD Guest House.

We welcome outpatients accompanied by their caregivers, and families and friends of inpatients with a referral from a patient’s medical team, including social worker, receiving care at the following health care centers and organization:

  • Gift of Hope Organ & Tissue Donor Network
  • John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County
  • Rush University Medical Center
  • UI Health
  • The University of Chicago Medicine

Not included in any of these groups? Please contact us at 312-996-1167 for information about our Pay As You Go Program.

IMD Guest House is strictly a lodging facility for patients and supportive loved ones. All guests must be able to care for themselves or be accompanied by a caregiver who is fully able to care for them at all times while staying at IMD Guest House.

IMD Guest House is a registered member of the Healthcare Hospitality Network. No medical services provided.

What is IMD Guest House?

Our Mission

IMD Guest House builds community and healing by providing comfortable, affordable accommodation for patients and their families throughout their treatment.


Patients and families seeking treatment away from home can access caring, comfortable, affordable accommodation.

IMD Guest House is conveniently located within easy distance of Chicago’s world-class medical institutions, including Rush University Medical Center, John H. Stroger Jr., Hospital, UI Health, Jesse Brown VA Medical Center, and the University of Chicago Medicine.

IMD Guest House is registered 501(c)3 non profit organization. IMD Guest House is strictly a lodging facility for patients and supportive loved ones. Outpatients must be accompanied by a caregiver or be able to care for themselves while staying with us.

We are a registered member of the Healthcare Hospitality Network. No medical services are provided. IMD Guest House is not licensed to provide medical services or to monitor individual guests for medical health needs.

Where is IMD Guest House located?

We are located on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago on the south side of Polk Street between Damen and Winchester Avenues

1933 W. Polk Street, SSR- 214
Chicago, Illinois 60612

Can I send a card or care package to a guest?

To help ensure your loved one is able to receive your card or package, please be sure your card or package is addressed as follows:

Guest Name
c/o IMD Guest House
1933 W. Polk Street,#214 (SSR Bldg.)
Chicago, IL 60612

If you are sending flowers, please call our office at 312-996-1167 for further instructions.

Can I send flowers to a guest?

If you would like to send flowers, please call our office at 312-996-1167 for further instructions.

How far are you from my hospital?

We are directly across the street from John H. Stroger Jr., Hospital of Cook County

We are within a short walk of the UI Health

We are about a 10-15 walk to Rush University Medical Center

We are about 10 miles from the University of Chicago Medical Center

We are about 5 miles from Northwestern Memorial Hospital

We are about 11 miles from Loyola University Medical Center

Please use an application such as google maps to determine exact distances:

Where should I park?

IMD Guest House does not have dedicated onsite overnight parking. All overnight parking is at a family’s respective hospital. Guests are responsible for their transportation to and from IMD Guest House and their care provider. If you are receiving care outside of the Illinois Medical District you will receive additional information about parking at check-in.

More Information about partner hospital parking:

  • John H. Stroger Jr., Hospital of Cook County Parking Services: Click Here
  • Rush University Medical Center Parking Services: Click Here
  • UI Health Parking Services: Click Here
  • The University of Chicago Medicine Parking Services: Click Here
  • University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Parking Services: Click Here

Temporary Metered Parking is located just south of the entrance located at 809 S. Damen Avenue. The meters only accept quarters. This can be accessed through the service drive located immediately before Damen Avenue on the south side of the street and is market with a white gate that will go up when a vehicle pulls up.

Guests are responsible for any fees or tickets incurred while staying at IMD Guest House.

Rush University Medical Center Shuttle Service
Guests going to Rush University Medical Center are able to access a free on call shuttle service between select Rush University Medical Center destinations and IMD Guest House.

Public Transportation
Many local destinations are accessible by public transportation. For specific directions to your destination please visit the CTA website.

IMD Guest House is located near the Illinois Medical District Blue Line Stop and Polk Street Pink Line Stop. It is also accessible by several bus routes, including public transportation from Union Station (225 S. Canal Street), Ogilvie Transportation Center (500 W. Madison Street) & Greyhound Bus Station (630 W. Harrison Street).Click here for a Google Map

Chicago is served by O’Hare International Airport and Midway International Airport. As well as other regional airports.

When can I check in?

Guests may check-in between 4:00 pm and midnight.

Front Desk Staff is available between 8:00 am and midnight daily.
In order to assure suite availability, and for the comfort of all of our guests, you must contact our office (#211) at 312-996-1167 if you would like to request an early check-in.

Why do you require a copy of my driver’s license and credit card?

For security and verification of identity, a copy of your driver’s license and credit card must be placed on file.

Credit, or Visa and Mastercard debit card information is taken during the reservation and referral process. All guests must provide credit or Visa/Mastercard debit card information in order to check in and stay with us.

What about security?

We are located on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago, with 24-hour on-premises security.

What do you mean by "affordable"?

IMD Guest House provides temporary lodging accommodations to qualified guests at an already reduced rate of $65 each night.

A nightly rate, may be further reduced based on substantial financial need. Not all applicants may qualify for financial assistance through the Comfort Fund. Financial assistance forms must be completed during the referral process.

No patient is turned away from IMD Guest House because of inability to pay a nightly rate. This is only made possible through support of donors to the Comfort Fund. The Comfort Fund ensures no one is turned away for limited funds for a nightly rate.

What is the relationship between IMD Guest House and the participating hospitals?

IMD Guest House has a cooperative partnership with Rush University Medical Center, University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System, John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County; and the Editha House Foundation, American Cancer Society and individual cancer treatment centers for guest referrals.

What is the relationship between IMD Guest House and the Illinois Medical District?

The Illinois Medical District Commission is a cooperative and supportive partner with IMD Guest House.

Is IMD Guest House a non-profit organization?

IMD Guest House Foundation is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to IMD Guest House are tax-deductible to full extent of the law under IRS guidelines.

How can I help support IMD Guest House?

Because of your support of the Comfort Fund, no patient is turned away for inability to pay. The Comfort Fund provides financial assistance to qualified guests for a nightly rate. IMD Guest House can only achieve its mission of providing the comforts of home and the care of community for families with your support.

Patients, veterans and their families come to IMD Guest House during a time of crisis and chaos in their lives. Relieving their worry about where to stay helps patients and their families focus on treatment. Your support is greatly appreciated by the patients and families you help. Every donation makes a difference! Thank you for your generosity.

To make a donation now, please click here: DONATE

For more information about ways to support IMD Guest House, please visit our Ways to Give and Volunteer pages to learn more.

What if I am a visitor to the Illinois Medical District

If you are a visitor to the Illinois Medical District such as a prospective student, doctor, or parent or friend of a student, please contact UIC Campus Housing Guest Services for accommodations. More information can be found here.

It was SO nice to spend a couple nights in an apartment with accommodations rather than tripping over each other in a hospital room that is already full of equipment. It was a Godsend and we were so thankful.Since I’m so familiar with the IMD now, I know there is only 1 hotel and it is quite pricey and doesn’t usually fit in the budget even with the Rush discount. I’m sure we’ll be taking advantage of IMD Guest House accomodations in the future.
Thank you for what you do! We live in a “pressure cooker” world as it is and It is vital to those of us who need a place to decompress!

Wife of a Rush Patient

On behalf of myself and my family, we would like to thank you for making our stay comfortable. Without your facility we would have not been able to stay outside of the hospital room. I personally will be forever grateful.


My sister, Lisa, was diagnosed with uterine cancer. The doctor suspected ovarian cancer as well. Lisa lives in Stillman Valley which is approximately 2 hours away. Lisa was referred to a doctor at the University of Illinois Hospital. Lisa was very apprehensive about having to be there alone. I traveled 14 hours from Auburn, AL to be with her. Lisa was having a terrible time finding affordable lodging near the hospital. Someone told her about IMD Guest House. It was a life saver. Not only are the rooms affordable, they are within walking distance of the hospital. . . thank you so much for caring enough about patients and family members to provide the service.

Allison & Lisa