A Message from The Executive Director

During this difficult time, IMD Guest House continues to deliver our mission, joining our partners who provide vital medical care, to ensure that patients and medical professionals have a safe and convenient place to stay.

  • Patients receiving organ transplants, treatment for cancer and other patients who need advanced life-saving treatment continue to rely on our essential services.
  • Front-line medical professionals from our local hospital partners need lodging that is close and convenient, when they cannot go home.

As the only organization in Chicago that provides affordable temporary lodging to patients and medical professionals of all ages, we fill a void in healthcare delivery. Protecting their safety and that of our staff, we have taken the following steps:

  • Implemented a remote work plan to minimize staff members on-site
  • Implemented phone screening of guests prior to check-in and limited outpatients to one caregiver, to reduce risk of exposure
  • Temporarily suspended volunteer activity and closed the Community Room
  • Built an inventory of non-perishable food for guests who may have difficulty getting to grocery stores

Best wishes for your well-being.

Adam Helman
Executive Director
IMD Guest House